I’d like to ask you a question.

When was the last time you took FULL responsibility for the quality of your team?

Ok… Before you decide on your answer, I want to explain what I mean. Obviously there are a couple different aspects to taking responsibility for the quality of your team. Of course it’s important to invest in training your team so that they can reach their full potential– both personally and professionally. Another crucial element is setting high standards and taking control of your team. And that doesn’t just mean expecting great results; it also means weeding out the negativity and encouraging a positive work environment!

Both of those steps are important, but today I’d like to discuss the most frequently overlooked aspect of creating a top-notch team.

It’s YOU.

What you do, what you say, how you act, EVERYTHING.

Your team is a direct reflection of you as a leader. That means that if you want a top-notch, first class, AMAZING team, you have to personally demonstrate the correct habits and behaviors for your team. You can’t not just preach about them. You’ve got to “walk the walk”, as the saying goes.

And trust me… Even the “little” things that you think don’t matter– they matter. Even when you think your team isn’t watching, and you can do whatever you want–well, they’re watching!!

For example… If your team is averse to change, I can almost 100% guarantee that it’s because you’re averse to change. Your team has probably seen this quality many times in your behavior, which is why they think that it’s acceptable.

Let’s say one of our Certified Training Specialists comes into your office and tries to implement some of our tested and proven strategies, and your team is fighting her tooth and nail (or even just rolling their eyes and heaving sighs–) it means you haven’t properly demonstrated how to positively react to change. It means you haven’t SHOWN them the correct protocol through your own behaviors. They are doing it because they have seen YOU do it–probably when you thought they weren’t watching you–and they think that they can get away with it.

So, in order to understand your situation accurately, I want you to consider a few more questions.


Do you come into the office full of energy, passion and purpose every day?

Do you maximize every interaction with your employees?

Do you convert disasters and mistakes into learning opportunities?

Do you arrive at work early, well-groomed, and with a smile on your face?


If you answered no to any of these questions, I’ve got news for you… That’s OK. You’re human, and you are going to have some off days. But with that being said, you should be hitting the nail on the head 98% of the time. You should be–more often that not–a wonderful example to your team.

Because the truth is, your engagement with your Practice naturally hovers about 2-3 levels higher than your employees’ levels of engagement. Trust me– it’s normal!

But unfortunately, that also means that if you’re consistently coming into the office at a level 2 -3 out of 10 (tired, unhappy, grumpy, late, etc.)– you can’t reasonably expect your employees to give a crap about their jobs. Or, if they’re an exceptional employee (a level 7, 8 or 9 on the engagement scale,) I can promise you one thing… They aren’t going to put up with you for very long. They’re going to quit and go somewhere else!!

Remember, you are totally responsible for setting the tone in your office. Your team is a direct reflection of YOU as a leader. So, what does this reflection say about you? How can you fine-tune your behavior in order to improve your team and the quality of your Practice as a whole?

Feel free to comment your thoughts and experiences below! (Oh, and check us out on Facebook or at our website for more info!!)


Until next time,


Jay Geier