Are you owning the quality of your work by recording YOUR stats REGULARLY?

If not, get started today!


The Battle of the Stats winners know that tracking their statistics is key to reaching goals, incentives, and personal success. And the winners for THIS MONTH are…


  • 1st Place:  Congratulations to Toni Aho from Dr. Jess Dworak’s office! Toni is receiving a prize of $300 for consistently entering Assistant U stats since August 2012. Wow!
  • 2nd Place: Jobelle Therese Almeda from Dr. Ximena Pareja’s office knocked it out of the park! She is receiving a prize of $200 for consistently entering Front Desk U stats since January 2014.
  • 3rd Place: We are impressed by Leela Almirpashaie from Dr. Craig Winkelmann’s office for consistently entering Hygiene U stats since January 2013. Leela is receiving a $100 prize.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS— KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Make sure you are entering your stats for the month of July NOW so you can be in our next lucky group of winners!


— The U Team