What’s a fantastic way to incentivize your team to hit a big goal, and show them how much you appreciate their hard work….?

How about throwing an EPIC Christmas party– complete with dancing, delicious food, tasty cocktails, and a photo booth!

This morning, Jay announced (via a hilarious “Elf”-themed video) that the Scheduling Institute team had reached our registration goal for the Case Presentation Event in June, and– as promised– he is throwing us a party this December.

We are so excited!!! We could not be more thankful to work for someone who teaches us so much, challenges us to be our best every day, cultivates strong company values, and treats us with so much generosity… It’s safe to say that we are die-hard Jay fans! 

Take a second and ask yourself a few questions…

  • When was the last time you did something fantastic for YOUR team?
  • How do you regularly show them your appreciation?
  • Are you investing in their happiness?
  • Are you inspiring them to hit BIG, exciting goals?
  • What is your team’s honest opinion of you as a leader?
  • Are your team members your die-hard fans?

If you want a team of die-hard fans and an unstoppable practice, take a lesson from Jay… It doesn’t have to be a Christmas party, but you should find a way to devote some time, energy, and money to letting your team know how much you care. Don’t let your team members become your last priority.

Remember: a happy team is a productive team… And a productive team is a productive practice!


-Scheduling Institute Member Services Team