When it comes to delivering the best service possible to your patients, and being the strong, confident leader that your team can depend on, there’s just one strategy that will do the trick—the Two Economy System.

(You can think of this as an in-depth follow-up on our St. Patty’s day post! This is a concept that I consider extremely important, and while it might SEEM simple, you wouldn’t believe how many doctors and team members fail to actually implement it! So take two minutes to read, and consider what changes YOU can make in your office and personal life to leverage this concept…)


The Two Economy system centers on the idea that there are two different “bubbles” in which each person can choose to reside. The inner bubble is YOUR personal economy; it is comprised of the things that you personally can control—your mind, fitness, attitude, office, team, patient list, relationships, etc. This includes all of the resources available to you. The outer bubble is what we’ll refer to as “the” economy; it is comprised of things that you have no control over—politics, elections, the stock market, disease, even the weather!

The trick to maximizing your Practice’s productivity and growth is deceptively simple. You need to stay inside YOUR bubble. That means focusing on the things that you can control, and really pursuing your full potential in these areas. It also means that you have to stop spending any energy and effort worrying about the areas outside of your bubble—because there’s nothing you can do to change them.

The most successful Practice owners that we’ve observed are all very in-tune with the Two Economy System. They understand the benefit of staying inside their own bubble, and have applied this concept to many areas of their lives. So, how are these top doctors utilizing the “inside bubble” strategy? We’ll let you in on their secret.


Try this exercise. Rather than reading the newspaper tomorrow morning, take some time to review your goals. Instead of listening to talk radio on the way to the office, play a Practice Building CD full of growth strategies.

 These are very small changes, but the results are significant. If you make the decision to be intentional about everything that you allow into your brain, you’ll notice a change in your attitude AND in your results!


The truth is, your team wants to follow a leader with purpose, vision, and drive—and by staying inside your bubble, and focusing on maximizing the things that you can CONTROL, you are setting yourself up for success… And becoming the leader that your Practice needs.

 The same exact concept applies to your patients. Don’t set the television in your reception area to the news—it’s the EPITOME of outer bubble negativity, full of election results, disaster, and war. It will only add to the tension and anxiety most patients already feel before an appointment. Instead, play educational dental videos or the cooking channel. Rather than laying out newspapers on your tables, provide Home & Garden magazines. Light, positive, pleasant content is KEY. This will help your patients to stay inside their bubbles, focused on positive and productive thinking.

My entire team is constantly practicing “staying in their own bubbles”. We all mess up sometimes– it’s easy to get “out of your bubble” on a particularly stressful week… The point is PROGRESS, not perfection! If you have any questions, or want to maximize your engagement by scheduling a Team Training or out-of-the-office Training Day, call 866 917 2808 today!


Until next time,


Jay Geier