It’s easy to feel a little low-energy at the beginning of the week, so let’s try a mental exercise to increase your engagement and amp up your productivity for the rest of this week. Are you ready?

I want you to imagine a line– a sort of boundary, if you will. Now, imagine that there are only two kinds of people, and they are divided by this very clear line.

The people who rise above this line are results-oriented people. They accept responsibility for their actions, and they strive to grow, both personally and professionally. These people set goals for themselves, maximize their productivity, and encourage growth in those around them.

People who fall below the line, on the other hand– these are blame-oriented people. They prefer to make excuses rather than accept responsibility for their actions. They’ll find anyone or anything to blame for the circumstances in their life. These individuals are not growth oriented… In fact, they are very resistant to constructive criticism and change.

Alright. Here’s where the exercise gets tough. Whether you are a team leader, a team member, a Practice owner, or an associate–you need to determine where you land on this diagram. You need to make an honest self assessment. Are you above the line or below the line?  What do your actions and your attitude say about you?

Next, you need to determine what type of people you are surrounding yourself with. Are they “above the line” people or “below the line” people? Think about which people you would choose to trust with a big project or a last-minute task that needs to get done. Or, if you’re a team member, think about the people in your office you enjoy working with the most… Which ones elevate you? The kinds of people that surround you will be a huge determining factor in your success.

You’re probably thinking, “Ok, Jay… That’s all pretty obvious,” but wait a minute. I’m not done. If you are a doctor or Practice owner: this is going to sound brutal, but you need to learn to weed out the “below the line” people. Our trainings and U courses are built to help you measure which of your people are above the line and which are below the line– the good news is, most of your team members are probably above the line. These growth-oriented, results-oriented people are your golden ticket. When you take an “above the line” person and train them–that’s where you get your upside!

It’s important to understand that the Scheduling Institute isn’t about training “below the line” people to become “above the line” people… That is an internal, significant transformation that may require much more than professional training. (It might even require a magician.) Sometimes, rising above the line goes against a person’s nature.

So, here’s my last word of advice… Take your “above the line” team members and do everything you can to help them reach their full potential. These people want to learn. They want to grow. They even want to receive constructive criticism–so long as it can help them do a better job! You should consistently train these team members and help them to produce the best possible results… And create a compensation structure that rewards them for these results! (However, you should NOT award huge raises that are not based on a result.)

Remember, if you take an “above the line” person, and you give them responsibility for something–you let them truly own it–they will push themselves to exceed your expectations. Call 866-917-2808 today to schedule your next training and give these team members the tools for success!


Until next time,


Jay Geier