What if I told you that showing up at the office is not as important as you think it is?

I know what you’re thinking. “Huh? He’s gotta be joking!!” Well, believe it or not, I’m dead serious. You don’t get paid to “show up” to work. You don’t get paid to come in, look nice, breathe in oxygen, and release CO2.

So, what’s much more important than showing up for work? Your results!! You get paid for results

Your patients pay YOU for results, and you pay YOUR STAFF for results… How would you feel if your team came in every day and did absolutely nothing? Imagine if they just sat in the reception area, drinking coffee, and expecting you to pay them for it. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it isn’t any more ridiculous than you WASTING time in your office and expecting to make tons of money.

Instead of doing things the same way you’ve been doing them for five, ten, or twenty years– JUST BECAUSE that’s “how things are done”– you need to START doing things in whatever way will maximize your Practice’s efficiency. You need to start doing things in a way that will increase production, collections, new patients, etc. Honestly, screw the way that you’ve “been doing things”! You need to find the BEST way, because that is what will take you from the level that you are currently in… to the NEXT level. The next level means a multi-million dollar Practice, working 3 days per week, tons of vacations, family time, etc. And you will NEVER get to that level if you keep doing things the exact same way.

So… Get inspired! Make it your mission. Whatever you do, don’t stop until you reach that goal.


Here are a couple strategies to help you kickstart this new perspective, revitalize your office, and get your Q2 off to the best possible start…

-Get rid of your “personal office”. Instead, make sure you have a good room for holding meetings with employees and clients.

-Hire a Personal Assistant. (This is a whole article in and of itself, but I feel the need to mention it here…) If you haven’t hired a Personal Assistant, that probably means you are wasting time at work DOING THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING. You need someone to take care of your calendar, your schedule, your emails, etc. There are other, RESULTS-ORIENTED tasks that should be filling your time!

-On days when you are seeing patients, your Personal Assistant should handle everything that comes through your office. EVERYTHING! You should not be on your computer. Your patients aren’t just paying you to BE there, and to look nice… They need you to be fully mentally present, which means that your brain isn’t on all the work piling up in your office.

-Put vacation times and planning days on your calendar. Simply put, if you don’t put them on your calendar… They AREN’T going to happen! Just like your patients, your family needs you to be 100% mentally present when you are with them. In order to achieve that level of relaxation and attention, you need to take measures to prepare for this vacation ahead of time, and ensure that your team will keep things running smoothly while you are gone.


It is very important that you understand this one thing: awesome, results-producing changes always produce a small level of discomfort. That’s just the truth. You too often are willing to change only the easy things that you WANT to change, and desperately try to keep everything else in “your control”… You want to continue doing things the way “they’ve been done” for years. You are just TOO entrenched in your comfort zone.

I’m telling you now– if you want mind-blowing results, you are going to have to do things DIFFERENTLY. You are going to need to be creative, innovative, and courageous. You have to want this badly enough.

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Until next time,


Jay Geier