It certainly bears repeating… Invest in Your People! Invest in Your People! Invest in Your People!

Even really great people need the right training and development to comprise a great TEAM. You have to INVEST in them — train them, create learning experiences, delegate projects and responsibilities, reward them, do things yourself that work along with those things to get the results you want.

As part of your annual budget, take a portion of your revenue and set aside funds to invest in your employees throughout the year. Your goal should be to have the very best team possible — and to do that, you have to invest in your people. There! I said it again!

You’ll see that when it comes to human capital, we don’t invent new and different things for you to do each year. Quite the opposite — we urge you to do the things that work over and over and over each year. For example:

  • Our best, most engaged clients — the ones getting the best results — typically contract for on-site phone training every year. Some even bring us in every 6 months or every quarter. Why? Because they get a bump every single time they do it! So look at your budget and your calendar and put together a training schedule for the year — perhaps one session in February and another in June. We conduct over 200 on-site training sessions every month. Dates can book up quickly, so talk to your staff and get some dates on YOUR “Human Capital Calendar” as soon as possible.
  • We also urge you to bring your team to our major October 2014 event-in-the-making. This will be the first time we’re holding an event for doctors AND their teams, and it’s strategically positioned in October. We’re helping you start the year off strong in January, then our October event will help you finish the year strong… AND roll into 2015 with the wheels spinning. Making the decision today to bring your team to the October event will greatly increase your probability for a better January 2015. Exciting details to be announced soon!
  • While not a system we created at S.I., we urge you to have Kolbe Assessments done for yourself AND all your people. Then use the information to customize your individual interactions, approaches and communications. And when you do have those interactions, make sure you’re at your best — on days when you’re well-rested, you’ve eaten right and exercised. When you have energy and a positive attitude; you’re “in the mood” and prepared.
  • In general, don’t give employee feedback at the end of the day when you’re tired. Don’t have an important interaction or hold a staff meeting on a Thursday afternoon if you’ve worked four days straight. All human capital conversations require energy from you, so have a system that ensures you have them when you’re at your best. That way you’re much more likely to accomplish your goal — such as raising expectations, getting compliance, or “selling” a delegation.

And one final piece of advice… INVEST IN YOUR PEOPLE!

dental staff training

dental staff training