Think back to your favorite athlete when you were a child. Maybe you owned a baseball card that you always kept in your wallet, or had their picture on your bedroom wall. You may have even aspired to be like them one day, and tried out for the sports they played. Let’s take a minute and consider one very important step on their path to greatness…

No matter their talent, drive, or determination, this athlete wouldn’t have made it half as far as they did without ONE thing. A phenomenal coach.

Their coach held them accountable for becoming the best athlete that they could possibly be— not a mediocre one! They trained them, scheduled early morning workouts, and tested their fitness and ability every step along the way. They didn’t allow their athlete to cut corners. But athletes are totally different from practice owners, right…? Why would YOU possibly need a coach?


The first problem is, practice owners typically have little to NO accountability.

They don’t place it on themselves, and except for owing payments to the bank or the IRA, no one places accountability on them. Let’s do a quick exercise. Start by identifying an area in your business that you have to admit isn’t your strongest suit. Ask yourself, “Do I have any accountability whatsoever in this area?” It might start with a diagnostic process that entails questions like these:

  • Do I get any data or information or feedback on how I’m doing in this area?
  • Have I set goals around it?
  • Am I in some sort of coaching relationship with someone far more knowledgeable than me on the subject?
  • Do I participate in small groups to share ideas and successes on the subject?
  • Do I educate myself on the subject in my spare time?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is no, we can guarantee that you aren’t getting enough accountability.


That’s why you need a coach. A coach advises you on what you need to do, and the changes you need to make to improve in an area. Then the coach holds you accountable for following through. A great coach is a great listener, a great motivator, and is pretty demanding. They provide the knowledge, the experience, and the discipline that we don’t have ourselves.

If we didn’t need that “tough love” at times, we wouldn’t be weak in those areas, would we?


Let’s use fitness as an example, since that’s a weak area for many of us. Let’s say you’ve put off hiring a Personal Trainer for years. You go to the gym with the best of intentions, but then get distracted or make some excuse to cut your workout short. See, a trainer would make you do the best workout and stick with it. You would get motivated to do it right. Hiring a trainer would force accountability on you in the area of fitness. The same exact thing applies to your other weak areas!

It is surprisingly hard to make the decision to get a coach. Our ambitious egos never want to admit defeat, but here’s the secret… You don’t HAVE to. You aren’t saying you CAN’T do it on your own, you’re just committing to doing it much BETTER.

Establishing a coaching relationship will get you on the right track and keep you on it. We promise that once you’ve created accountability for yourself, it will be much easier to hold your staff accountable! In turn, your staff will start holding your patients accountable, and you’ll see the overall quality of your Practice increase enormously. Sound like something you might be interested in? We thought so!

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