If you answered yes, then our monthly Battle of the Stats contest is for you!

It only takes 21 days of doing something consistently to build a habit. Our New Year’s challenge to you is to update your stats on SiMembers.com for at LEAST 21 work days, so that it becomes a part of your daily routine! Once it’s a habit, you’ll notice yourself becoming more intentional and productive with your time, and much more results-oriented. (As an added bonus, regularly updating your stats will make you eligible for cash prizes!!)


We’re proud to congratulate the following team members on consistently updating their stats on SiMembers.com and winning December’s BATTLE OF THE STATS!


$300 Prize: Awarded to Cindi Aquillo from Dr. Richard Cunningham‘s office! (Front Desk U and Team Leader U— Submitted July ’12- November ’14)

$200 Prize: Awarded to Jessie Agee from Dr. Luke Robert‘s office! (Assistance U— Submitted May ’13- November ’14)

$100 Prize: Awarded to Valerie Alder from Dr. Ernie Thompson‘s office! (Hygiene U— Submitted April- ’14-November ’14)