Bon Jovi references aside, the year is more than halfway gone. It is time to start taking the necessary actions to ensure your success in 2013. Jay always talks about key elements necessary to creating a tremendous company. Here are just a few you should begin implementing right away, before this year slips away from you.


You need to have a “you get what you deserve” mentality. In general (aside from crises and accidents) the quality of the things in your life like your relationships, successes, etc., is a direct reflection back on what you’ve put into them. Whatever decisions you make, you have to be prepared for the consequences, both good and bad. Understand that what you have now financially, relationally, spiritually, etc. – that’s what you deserve. If you’re not happy with what you see, start investing more time in specific areas.


Be the leader that everyone wants in their life. Everyone who wants to have a great business doesn’t necessarily have to be a dynamic leader, but you do have to BE a leader. People want to work for employers who bring enthusiasm to the job. A good leader has confidence and they are creative, not competitive. There are tremendous lessons to be leveraged in every bad thing that happens. As a great leader, you’ll need to tap into your creative nature when bad things happen. Always try and think of what you’re learning from negative scenarios rather than letting it just be a frustration to you.


Pursue something besides perfection. The mastery of yourself is the first thing that leads you to mastery of other people. You actually have to have the capacity to let some things go and move on to the more important things. Keep your focus on the bigger goals and the vision of your practice. Don’t get thrown off track every time something doesn’t go exactly as planned, this will only set you back. Remember to stay within the Two-Economy System and only focus on the things you can control.


Understand that your team is key. If you want to have a great business, it’s all in the team. To be truly successful, it’s critical that your team has clarity of vision (whether it’s doubling the practice, going 5X, etc.) every team needs a vision, and you have to create it and effectively communicate it to them. Show them where they fit into the big picture and find ways to help them get excited and motivated for the upcoming growth.


You’ve also got to have a mechanism to keep the fire burning. Be successful, stay hungry, stay engaged and be intentional about legacy & impact. Focus on your passions and using your practice to be the vehicle to help you get there. Always be learning, changing and growing to keep you and your team interested and excited to show up and do great work!


Your Scheduling Institute Team