In the last post, we were discussing the “why” behind implementing staff incentives! We’ve already covered a lot of great reasons, so let’s dive right back in…


4)   This system helps you to understand the value that each team member brings to your practice.

All too often, making payroll becomes a thoughtless checkmark on your monthly to-do list. Instead, make the payment process intentional! Staff incentives allow you to understand the precise value that each team member brings to your office. If you are writing checks based on individual’s results, you’ll be much more likely to notice which team members are consistently under-delivering… And you’ll be much more grateful for the team members that over-deliver! It might seem like a small change, but implementing incentives in your office will help reconnect you with exactly what is going on.

“Our patient numbers increased by 30% and our income went up 34% and it’s still climbing! The tracking graphs have helped me tremendously and gave me a visual incentive to keep me pressing forward. AND getting that bonus on my paycheck was such a treat! I’ve enjoyed buying new clothes, perfume, and jewelry. Now I am saving up for a trip to Hawaii! YEAH!” -Theresa Strickland, team member


5)   Implementing incentives will allow you to “weed out” the team members that are holding your office back from its full potential.

There are going to be team members that fight the incentives system. Even after you explain to them that they can make MORE money than ever before just by working hard and achieving great results, they will still be upset. Why? Because they want to get paid to show up. They don’t like that you’re asking them to produce results for a paycheck because they feel like it threatens their financial security. In a way, they’re right…. The incentives system is BAD for staff members that under-deliver–which is less than 10% of staff members— but very, very beneficial for staff members that work hard and do the right thing… which is 90% of the staff members out there! It’s that simple. So, be honest… Which kind of employee would you rather have? Which one would you WANT to pay each month?

“Thanks to a referral contest and an excited team, we met our production incentives and goals each month this quarter!!!  We couldn’t have done it with accountability.” –Dr. Mark LaHaye


6)   Handing a physical check to each team member has a proven psychological effect on their motivation to succeed.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of this concept… Physically handing someone a reward for their work is proven to increase desire to succeed and maximize performance. When each team member opens up the envelope and sees their check, they’ll know that it is your way of saying “thank you” for their hard work, and that the amount is a direct reflection of their efforts. If they aren’t happy with the amount, they will work harder to increase their results the next month, and the month after.

“The new patient bonus is a great incentive. I laughed when you told us that after learning these skills, we’d be diving over each other to get to the phone… Well, the laugh is on me because WE ARE! Since implementing your techniques in January, we have more than doubled our monthly new patient average. That’s without any additional marketing efforts! Pretty amazing!”  -Sheri Carrell, Office Manager


So… What do YOU think about staff incentives? If you’re a doctor, have you had successful experiences implementing them in your office? If you are a team member, what’s your opinion? Do you think they motivate great results? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below!


Until next time,


Jay Geier