Our Year Two program at The U is one of our most valuable resources your team can take advantage of to help take your practice to the next level. Your team may have already completed their respective 101 and 102 courses, and might be thinking, “what’s next?” While Year Two is slightly different in terms of structure, there’s just as much fun and value to be had in this next part of your journey with The U.

The first step in taking advantage of our Year Two program is registering your staff for their 201 courses — there are 201 courses for Hygiene U, Assistant U, Front Desk U, and Team Leader U. Just like the 101 and 102 courses, these upper level 201 courses will continue to focus on what other offices are successfully implementing. Through high-level networking and idea sharing, your team will easily return home with dozens of new tools and strategies to implement in your practice.

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In contrast to the 100-level courses at The U, 201 and 202 courses move into higher levels of learning and much more advanced strategies. With the basics of The U already covered in 101 and 102, these 200-level courses will not only reinforce the previously taught lessons, but will build upon them to continue to challenge your staff to be the best they can be. After all, that is a fundamental force of the Scheduling Institute and The U — we know that your staff is capable of doing and achieving more than you know. And at The U, we know how to teach, engage, and enhance their learning so they are continually becoming the best Hygienists, Assistants, Front Desk Personnel, and Leaders in the world.

At the 200-level, we also introduce our famous Ritz-Carlton Customer Service course, presented directly by Ritz-Carlton Customer Service experts at The U. This course is available to everyone in the office, even if they haven’t been to a 101 or 102 course yet. Even doctors themselves are welcome at this workshop, and there’s a lot to be learned for every member of your team. Many offices like to use this workshop as a team building exercise, where the entire office comes and takes the course together. Not only is this one of our most popular courses at The U, but also one of the most vital for fully engaging your team to provide world-class service to your patients.

There’s no doubt that investing in Year Two courses with The U will provide your team with the education, tools, and strategies they need to continue working to make your practice wildly successful. But if you’re still unsure, just give us a call at 855-389-6655. We’ll walk you through all the opportunities awaiting your team at The U.

— The U Team

P.S. — STAFF & DOCTORS… Don’t forget to turn in your stats each month! You could win CASH rewards just for tracking your progress online at www.SImembers.com!

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