Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been searching for U Monthly Superstars to feature in our monthly magazine, The Practice. The response from engaged and enthusiastic U staff members has been overwhelming, and we’re appreciative to every single one of you who has participated. For those of you who don’t know, every month we will be featuring a new U Monthly Superstar in both our magazine and here on the blog. A U Monthly Superstar is someone who has successfully implemented our teachings here at The U, and has seen a substantial increase in their personal statistics.

This month, our focus is on Amanda Kalb from Dr. Brian Wagner’s office in  Jasper, Indiana. Amanda has had an atypical dental career, as her first day on the job was actually during an On-Sight Training put on by us at the Scheduling Institute. Right from the get go, she’s bought into every one of Jay’s teachings, right down from the two economy system to statistic tracking. Since her first month, Amanda has increased her Hygiene Production by $12,579, which equates to a 949% increase. Amanda is a perfect example of a someone who has dramatically increased the quality of her career and even her personal life due to our teachings at The U, and she’s definitely a U Monthly Superstar.


To become a U Monthly Superstar and be featured in a spread in The Practice magazine, all you need to do is follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Send us your written testimonial; your success story with The U!  You can submit via email at u@schedulinginstitute.com!
  • Send us your stats from when you first started with The U to now. We want to see how your numbers have increased! You can submit via email at u@schedulinginstitute.com!
  • Send us a picture of yourself – You can submit via email at u@schedulinginstitute.com!
  • Click here to like The U Facebook page !

If you are chosen to be featured as our U Monthly Superstar in The Practice Magazine, you will receive an automatic Super U Engagement Bonus to your engagement checklist on the Member Site, and a prize will be sent to your office! We look forward to seeing your submissions, and don’t forget to submit your stats this month!