Once you’ve completed your Year One and Year Two courses at The U, a whole multitude of valuable, informative upper-level courses will become available for you to take advantage of. These courses cover a wide range of issues you might experience throughout the office, and there is a great deal to take away from these workshops. Remember, you must be a part of the Year Three program to register for these courses. Here’s a brief synopsis of our Year Three courses:

Ritz Carlton Leadership Development:

This course is designed for leaders who wish to improve their leadership skills. The truth is that all employees have a desire to be led by an authentic leader: someone who is dynamic, transparent, competent and fair. This class will focus on the 12 Ritz Carlton principles designed to inspire leaders in order to further engage and inspire their employees who, in turn will further engage your customers.

Retention, Recare and Reactivation:

The “Three R’s” take on a different meaning at the U – and this one is far more profitable! Getting patients to stay our’s forever, come back for regular visits or come back to us after an absence from the practice! We are more in control of these areas than we give ourselves credit for – and it’s mostly a lack of commitment on our part to make it happen! Unlock the hidden potential in all those patient charts and watch your production rise! You will come home with an exciting reactivation campaign that can begin immediately.


As with most things in life, there is a “certain way” of coding that will make the most our of your patients insurance benefits. Taught by renowned consultant Charles Blair, author of “Coding with Confidence.” This course will help you avoid common pitfalls in coding that affect your bottom line. Learn strategies for maximizing your returns and minimizing your insurance headaches!

Case Acceptance and Treatment Presentation:

Even the most seasoned Doctors, Hygienists and Treatment Coordinators can get tripped up by an objection or two that a patient can throw out there! There will be healthy doses of both reviewing current treatment presentation techniques as well as role playing more effective strategies. This course will help you develop a game plan for solving those common communication errors and brain cramps that stand between your practice and the word “YES”!


If you’re interested in taking advantage of our Year Three courses, or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-917-2808 or email us at u@schedulinginstitute.com.