If you could have a chat with any of the richest entrepreneurs in the world, and ask them how they got to where they are today, I can guarantee you that they’d say these two things.

1)   It isn’t easy.

2)   There are “rules” you have to follow.

If you’re intentional about following the rules, you will always be able to make money. However, if you never learn the rules OR simply choose not to follow them—then no matter how hard you try, you will never make much money.


When you think about it, the world’s most prolific problems are centered on money. Families fight over money issues. Brothers and sisters argue over their inheritance. Desperate people commit crimes for money and spend the rest of their lives in prison…

Do you realize what that means?

There are over seven BILLION people in the world that spend their entire lives working hard to make money—but somehow, we are still BAD at actually making money!Instead of trying to figure out what we could do differently, we just keep doing MORE of the same WRONG things. Imagine a hamster on a wheel. It runs and runs for hours… But it never moves an inch! That’s a pretty sad existence, right?


That’s why I want to teach YOU the rules—the “truth about money”—so you can teach your kids, and they can teach their kids, and so on. If we can give the next generation knowledge that we didn’t have growing up, then maybe we’ll be able to end this cycle, and focus our energy on doing something a lot more fulfilling with our lives.

Back in January, I had the pleasure of hosting our annual Financial Freedom Weekend in Orlando, Florida, where I had the opportunity to share the rules of moneymaking with hundreds of doctors and their spouses. One of my biggest goals was to facilitate an open conversation about money between each couple to help get them on the same page financially. 

I know what you’re thinking—Yikes! But as stressful as that sounds, I can guarantee it’s a whole LOT less stressful than a separation or divorce. It’s actually the healthiest and most effective way to help two people prepare for their financial future.

Don’t miss this opportunity at next year’s Financial Freedom Weekend! Treat yourself and your spouse to a rejuvenating and well-deserved retreat, where we’ll work together on clarifying your vision, rebooting your action plan, and implementing strategies that will allow you to:

a)    Increase your Practice’s profit margins

b)   Eliminate your debts

c)    Increase your net income

d)   Gain Financial Freedom

I know you’re thinking it sounds too good to be true, so it can’t be…

But I can promise you that ALL of these strategies have been tested and have had enormous success in THOUSANDS of Practices! It’s like I said before— every single financial strategy, technique, etc. can all be traced back to the fundamental RULES of making money.

I hope you’ll take this opportunity to give us a call— 866-917-2808. My team will be happy to answer all of your questions, help you assess your possibilities, and create a customized plan for getting back on the path to financial freedom. 


Until next time,


Jay Geier