Whether you’re new to The U or have been with us for years, we at The U Team are dedicated to ensuring the best experience possible for you and your team. Below are 6 things you can expect to experience on your journey with The U.

  1. How to Hold Yourself Accountable – Tracking statistics is the most important thing you can do in any facet of your life that requires improvement. Jay always asks how one would expect to lose weight if they never step on a scale, which is a perfect analogy for tracking your personal statistics. Whether you’re front office or back office, hygienist or a doctor, you must track your statistics if you wish to see results. Data is key for reviewing your performance and setting goals, and we at The U will teach you how to measure your statistics easily and effectively.

  2. Amazing Customer Service – Our team has been trained and retrained on how to best serve you and your needs. We are constantly training and retraining our employees to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible attention and care. Our team is helpful, friendly, and best of all, there to serve you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone if you’re experiencing any issues whatsoever.

  3. How to Effectively Manage Your Time – Jay is an expert at time management, and has taught every single one of us how to become more productive with our time. We at The U teach our clients the same strategies we use ourselves here at the Scheduling Institute World Headquarters, and your productivity will increase if you follow his advice.

  4. Delicious Food – Trips to our Training Center include free breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks throughout the day. Our lunches are catered by Proof of the Pudding, and we also provide a variety of sweets and snacks throughout the day to keep you energized and focused. If you have a food allergy that we should be aware of, please notify us via telephone or email, and we will make arrangements to provide an alternative meal.

  5. How to Effectively Set Goals – As you should almost certainly know by now, Jay is a huge proponent of goals. Goals are to be achievable, measurable, specific, and should have a time-table for it’s completion. Every one of Jay’s clients and staff is taught how to set their goals in a way that both sets them up for success, and sets them up to achieve a positive result.

  6. How to Capitalize on Your Natural Abilities – We at the Scheduling Institute are dedicated to placing our employees in the best possible position to succeed and shine. The Kolbe analysis is a test that measures one’s preferred method of operation, and can be used to discover the best possible job position for said person. We will spend time reviewing your team’s Kolbe scores, and ensuring you and your team understands their natural strengths and abilities. If you have any questions regarding the Kolbe analysis, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email.

If you have any questions about specific courses at The U, or just feel like talking with some awesome people who are passionate about practice growth,  give The U team a call at 855-389-6655. We’ll walk you through all the opportunities awaiting you and your team at The U! Look forward to talking to you soon.