Do YOU want to drive home in a BRAND NEW JEEP in 2015?
We are going to be giving away Jeeps to the BEST “U” Staff Members… Don’t miss your chance!!
To be eligible, remember to enter your stats every single month… Once you create the habit, it’ll be surprisingly easy.
Just click HERE to log-in on the SI Members website and enter your stats.
Congratulations to all of our dedicated winners!! Keep up the hard work, and keep your team’s engagement high!
$300 Christa Akins- HU/TLU- Dr. Mark Wilson & Tim Fiquett (submitted January ’13- August ’14)
$200 Dee Bonnell – AU- Dr. Brian Amison (submitted March ’12- August ’14)

$100 Claudia Beltran- FDU- Dr. Thomas Chamberlain (submitted December ’13- August ’14)