Do you think of yourself as rich?


Let me tell you something. I can afford any material possession I could ever want. If I wanted to, I could lead a totally different lifestyle… I could go to lavish parties on the beach, get drunk all the time, buy a new, expensive car every week— I’m not kidding!

But I CHOOSE to pour my energy into the Scheduling Institute and into helping our members because I have SELF-DISCIPLINE. I put structure in place so that I lead a life of purpose, and can know that I am impacting as MANY people as possible.

That is what the Scheduling Institute is here to do. I want to work with a select group of people who really GET IT, and have what it takes to step up their self-discipline and lead a life of impact… people that understand what it really means to be rich.

Being TRULY rich means:

1) Having the money to give generously

2) Living a fulfilling life

3) Leaving a lasting legacy that is much bigger than just YOU.

By enriching the lives of your team, your patients, and your family, you are able to experience the non-monetary riches of life, which in turn will increase the success of your Practice.

You have an enormous responsibility as a leader to make wise investments in your team. You should be investing in their education, in making them better people, and in expanding their horizons— this means that you need to become a TEACHER and not just an employer.

Become the example of what it looks like to live a RICH, and impactful life to those who are dependent on you.

Once you have invested time and energy into improving the lives of your team members, they will naturally begin to enrich the lives of your patients. Your goal should be to allow patients to have unexpected and exceptional experiences. After they leave an appointment with you, they should be saying “WOW!” and want to tell all of their friends about it.

When your Practice reaches a point where it is functioning smoothly and YOU aren’t constantly stressed, you will be much more focused on enriching the lives of those who truly matter the most to you— your family. That NEEDS to be your number one priority. The life experiences happening right now are ones you can’t replicate later!

Having all of the money in the world will amount to nothing if you don’t leave a legacy for your family, your team, and the other people who are dependent on you. That’s the key to living a RICH life.

Don’t start tomorrow… Start today. No matter your age or your personal history… It’s NEVER too late to start leading a RICH life.

Call me today at 866-917-2808 and let me help you take the steps to maximize your impact!

Until next time,