I want you to take a moment and think about something.

Today, from the very moment you woke up, you were impacted by goals.


The alarm clock that woke you up was someone’s goal.

The lightbulb in your bathroom was someone’s goal.

Your electric toothbrush was someone’s goal.

Starbucks was someone’s goal.

You car was someone’s goal.

Every single thing around you that you look at is someone’s goal. Maybe they even found THAT goal in the pursuit of another, different goal!

The point is… Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you don’t need goal setting. Don’t assume it’s so basic that you can just set it on the back burner and “come back to it later”.

You need to make goal setting a priority ASAP and learn to actively incorporate it in your life. The problem is, if you are only exposed to people that are less ambitious than you, you might have a difficult time keeping your focus on big, exciting goals. Boring people, quite frankly, have boring goals or–even worse– no goals at all. You need to surround yourself with people who challenge and engage you; you need to keep the company of people with BIG dreams.

When we are in pursuit of something and we have a goal, that is when we are at our very best. So, we must continue to put our goals out in front of us, because attaining them is actually less satisfying than pursuing them! That’s why setting big, exciting goals is so fun. You don’t have to achieve them in one year, two, or even ten. You just have to work your butt off pursuing them, and you will see an incredible amount of growth!

So, today, I challenge you to make the leap. If you currently aren’t in the goal setting business, I challenge you to get back in that business. Make the commitment to make BIG goals, and pursue them every single day. Publish them. Find an accountability partner. Actively chart your progress. And most importantly, understand the enormous value of this process!

Personal tip: It helps me to to break my goals into categories. At any given time, I’ll have at least one goal in each of these categories:



-Personal health and Wellness


-Friends and Social


-Personal Development

-Business Goals

So, take a minute and reflect on the goals you’ve pursued this year. Ask yourself one question: What do you WANT? And have you made it enough of a priority in your life?

If not… What’s stopping you?


Until next time,



Jay Geier


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