Dr. Michael Landry has successfully operated Consultants in Dental Aesthetics in Houston, TX for officedrsover 35 years. For many years, Dr. Landry ran a consistent business that had really plateaued and, in 2005, finally broke the $1 million mark after some changes in strategies. Dr. Landry and his wife, Mary Ann, wanted to grow even further and knew their entire team needed additional training, particularly their front desk. Little did he know what a marketing genius Mary Ann would prove to be, or how they would work together to transform the practice, their lives and the lives of their staff! We recently sat down with Mary Ann and asked her about her experiences as the full-time marketing director and her encounters at SI events. This is what she had to say…

Q: What led to the decision for you to be the Marketing Director at the Practice?
A: (Mary Ann) When I joined the team in 2005, I was the first marketing director by default with no salary required. Although I enjoyed doing our marketing, it was a ‘hit or miss’ guessing game with several ‘back to the drawing board’ experiments.

Q: How has your role as the Marketing Director impacted the practice? 
A: As the Marketing Director, I play a significant role in the practice. I have a huge communication and training role in the practice’s daily operation. Everything is Marketing; the office environment, uniforms, location, signage, your people, your services, the patient experience and your genuine involvement in community.

My background in Leadership Training validated our need to develop our human capital – I have always been an advocate and believer in training and education and strongly felt that Dr. Landry’s team was lacking and craving personal and professional growth. Taking over the marketing role helps grow the practice because it allows Dr. Landry to focus on other more appropriate matters, associate development, CE selection business planning and acquisition.

I have to constantly refresh and recharge the team regarding phone certification, monthly campaigns, results and how it collectively impacts the practice’s bottom line. 

Q: What events have you attended?
A: We’ve attended Best Marketing Seminar Ever which included Marketing Masters’ program –  an exclusive opportunity for 100 Marketing Directors, 5X Summit and many more seminars and workshops. And, we will be at this year’s Best Marketing Seminar Ever in October!


Q: How did attending these events benefit you as the Marketing Director? 
A: Every one of Jay’s events have been solid sources of mental nutrition as a result of their research and proven techniques. I have also had the opportunity to learn from and interact with like-minded people – some successful and some struggling to find their way.

Through Jay’s events, I’ve learned so much about social media, targeting, trends, sequencing, measurement and intentionality. I learned it is essential to know what you want to attract in order to attract it.

Now, each one of my marketing pieces is designed with subliminal and direct messaging to speak with intended audiences.

As a student and alumnae of the Marketing Masters’ program, I am forever grateful for the concentrated studies, ability to collaborate, learn new systems and design. One of the challenges presented at the program was to submit wins and losses, produce an SI Commercial video as well as a video on my Marketing Masters’ journey. If you took the risk, the prize was a brand new Jeep from Jay. I am proud to say that at the 5X Summit, I was awarded with the Marketing Master’s Jeep for Marketer of the Year! It was such a proud moment that will remain etched in my mind. I knew if I didn’t win, I would still be content because I did my best and was surrounded with such talented Marketing Directors who were also competing to win the Jeep.

Q: How did your roleJeepPic as Marketing Director evolve? 
A: I constantly have to evaluate the tasks I am doing.  I ask myself these questions; Am I on-track, will this contribute to the bottom line? What worked well? What didn’t work? What can I do better? Then I re-strategize. I am very intentional how I spend my time and I invest in tasks that I know will have the most impact.

Since my Marketing Masters days, I have now employed a marketing coordinator who works on graphic design, SEO, target marketing and much more.  Knowing your strengths and leveraging others to work within their greatest abilities will allow you to reach the next level.

Q: What are you looking forward to at the upcoming Best Marketing Seminar Ever in October?
A: First of all, if you have never attended one of Jay’s big events, it’s time. The energy you feel when you first walk in is powerful. Getting into this environment re-energizes you to initiate the next strategic move you need to make.

Jay never disappoints when he presents. SI’s talented staff selects inspiring and knowledgeable experts in their field to speak at the events as well. 

Attending Jay’s events gives me insights into event planning. From first impressions to lasting impressions, SI covers all the bases.

I am excited to acquire marketing ideas to implement in my practice. Besides generating new ideas, I get the opportunity to add to my personal development library of books, websites and personal contacts.

I know this marketing event will be over the top and am confident it will give me the tools to increase both my new patients and referrals as well as improve patient engagement and retention. I also plan to contribute to the 100 Swipes Book which will offer those who contribute to replicate the successful marketing pieces, events, campaigns of other marketing directors and practices.
Q: What has made the most impact on your practice that you took away from SI events?
A. Leverage your people, for they will grow and will be rewarded justly, never to bungle a potential opportunity and always harvest the low hanging fruit. Reflective thinking and re-strategizing
are also essential. 

However, the gift of generosity is probably the most significant. Only I can make a difference, only I can change. No matter what your wealth, we are all gifted differently – talents, money time – we all have the choice to willingly help others who wish to learn and grow. Jay’s model of Christian values overlap with ours and speaks to countless belief systems with the same core values.atevent

When Mary Ann joined the practice as Marketing Director in 2005, they employed 5 people – today they employ 23 individuals. We’re pleased to reveal, since they joined SI in 2010, Dr. Michael and Mary Ann Landry’s revenues have more than doubled. Consultants in Dental Aesthetics is currently on track to produce $3.6 million. They are erecting a two story 12,000 square foot building – doubling their current practice – employing associate doctors, creating a legacy and impacting others significantly through charitable works. The grand opening of their new office will be in 2018!

“When Michael and I first joined forces, our future was stable and virtually risk free. We would have sold the practice eventually and lived on a fixed income of sorts. While stability has its comforts, the risk and reward of living closer to our potential is fruitful and has its own source of spiritual comfort and, of course, the more you earn the more you can do. We have changed from being self-seeking to becoming a source of inspiration and hope to others… Having SI during the struggles of growth have been essential for us in pursuing our passion and purpose.” – Mary Ann Landry