Those of you who have taken the plunge and committed to taking your Practice 5X can probably agree that it’s been one of the most exciting, energizing and rejuvenating choices you’ve ever made!

For most of our doctors, it is much more than just a decision to grow the Practice… It’s a decision to change their lifestyles and perspectives! Throughout the years, we’ve gotten tons of thank you notes, hilarious photos, and emails from doctors and teams who are living and loving the 5X energy….

But our cutest 5X fan yet might just be baby Wyatt–Dr. Tom Watkins and Mrs. Amy Watkins’ new grandbaby!!


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.48.37 AM


For a chance to see your team’s 5X spirit on our blog, submit your pictures on our Facebook page, (don’t forget to like us!) with the caption #5Xswag!!! It’s time to show us what 5X means to YOU!

And as always– don’t forget to keep an eye out for fun contests and prizes!


-Your Scheduling Institute Team