We’re back to fill you in on PART TWO of the 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing series… No matter how long you’ve been marketing or how many trainings you’ve attended, chances are you or someone in your Practice is making one of these big mistakes! We want to teach you the lessons we learned from making the same mistakes in order to save you some valuable time and money.

In our last post, we discussed: sloth, gluttony, envy and greed. Click here to read what you missed.

Now that you’re all caught up… Let’s get started!


5. Wrath

Let’s say you realize that there is a problem on your phones… Your team isn’t scheduling a high percentage of the new patients that call in your office, which means your marketing money is going down the drain!! Well, your first reaction might be to get angry with your team. After all, they’re the ones answering your phones, right?

No!!!! Fight that instinct. Blaming your team won’t fix the problem, and the truth is—it isn’t their fault. It’s your fault. YOU should be investing in their training. YOU should be making sure they are prepared to handle every phone conversation, to book the potential patient, to answer all questions, and to get the patient encouraged and excited to show up at your Practice. So, swallow that anger. If you aren’t investing in quarterly trainings for your team… You AREN’T giving them the chance to succeed.


6. Pride

Ego. It is one of the most dangerous obstacles in the path of your success. You are an incredible doctor, but don’t be so prideful that you refuse to accept help in areas that you DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT. When you decided to become a doctor, you went to school, received an education, got your license, probably worked for a few years, and then opened up a Practice of your own. But would we be correct in assuming that you probably DIDN’T get a degree in business? You haven’t taken countless courses on running a business, on making wise investments and marketing your services? The fact is, most doctors were never officially taught these skills! And it’s okay… Because we specialize in training doctors and teams in these areas!


7. Lust

Lust is just the intense psychological desire for something… And for the most part–when it comes to marketing your Practice– this kind of passion is a great thing! Just be careful to draw the line and never allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. You can’t get so attached to a marketing piece, for instance, that you can’t see when it is a complete failure. RESULTS DON’T LIE! So if you’ve created a piece that is not generating very many calls, you need to cut your losses. Move on. Keep tweaking, correcting and researching in order to find the best possible angle.


So, there you have it folks! The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing. We hope that you’ll continue to absorb as many marketing strategies as possible–and that you’ll continue to consistently train your Front Desk Team (a.k.a. New Patient Generation Experts) so that you are able to MAXIMIZE your marketing investments!!!



Make the most of your Friday!

-The Scheduling Institute Marketing Team