Success requires INTENTION and a well thought-out PLAN.

Success requires people who are committed to achieving goals and understand that mistakes are going to happen.

Success is typically measured as an end result or goal… But instead, you should see it as an enriching journey! That might sound cheesy, but listen. You are going to have set backs, encounter barriers and make mistakes. If you’re like most of us, you’ll make a LOT of mistakes.

However, you need to retrain your brain to realize that mistakes are a good thing… As long as you find the lesson that comes with every mistake. If you’re able to keep all of these lessons close to your heart, and not make the same mistake over and over again– we guarantee that you will come out better than where you started!

Your first step to becoming successful is to create a PLAN for the future. Jay has said many, many times… You should have three plans.

A Practice Plan.

A Financial Plan.

And a Personal Plan.

If the 3 plans don’t tie in together, that’s one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES a business owner can make. A lot of people forget that the business is how you get to where you want to be personally. It’s a moneymaking vehicle… A vehicle that will take you to success and happiness if you use it wisely and maintain balance! You can’t ever forget that!

Think about the last time you spent time focusing on your plan and your goals. And we don’t mean in the office in between seeing patients….

To do this RIGHT, you should be out of the office so you can be free of distractions and ready to focus. You’ll need someone with you who can talk out ideas with you. You need to make this a priority if you expect to turn your plan into a reality!

Jay sets aside a few days every year to help clients do exactly this. Here are the next two upcoming workshops with a few available seats left to claim…

Exit Strategy Workshop in Salt Lake City  — Spend a day developing your Strategic Plan to ensure future success for the Practice and your family’s financial security. 
(room capacity is almost at 89%)

What Doctors Under 40 Need to Know in Atlanta — A glimpse
15-20 years ahead at what those in their 50s-60s are struggling with and wish they had done differently. 

If you’re already registered for one of these workshops, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re one step closer to having a strategic plan in place. If you’re not, email or call 866-860-7003 to see which workshop is the best fit for you.

All that is required from you is a $297 deposit to hold your seat (you will get 100% of this money back in the form of a check at registration!).

Until next time, 

-Your Friends at the Scheduling Institute