It’s impossible for me to decide which is the “best” principle I learned on my path to success, but this one’s definitely right up there. After making this part of my day, every day, I can’t imagine starting my day any other way. I’m talking about an “Early Morning Success Ritual.” This is a routine you follow every morning that sets you up to have a world-class day.

Think about what Olympic athletes do. They don’t just roll out of bed and start their event. They get up, then go through a consistent routine to prepare their mind, their body and their spirit to perform at the optimal level. At the other end of the spectrum are people — a LOT of people — who get out of bed at the last possible minute, grab some junk food on the way out the door, and get frazzled just trying to make it to work on time. What a lousy way to start the day!

You should develop a foundation for success by building a world-class, early morning success ritual — a preparatory routine you would follow if you had been guaranteed that today would be the best day of your life, if only you were ready for it. If that were the case, what would you do when you get up? Allow me to offer some suggestions based on what I now do:

  • You would review your goals
  • You would physically get your body ready for the demands of the day with a vigorous workout, or at least by doing some stretching
  • Perhaps you would take some time for meditation, morning devotion or a Bible reading
  • You would do some visualization exercises, just like Olympians and pro athletes
  • You would fuel your body with a nutritious, maximum-energy breakfast

Devise a routine that works for you — one that sets you up to be at your absolute peak all day long, as though today is your only shot to experience greatness. THEN… make that routine a habit you follow each and every day! Yes, it will take serious discipline and commitment, especially after first, but then it will become a habit. Do this, and you’ll be setting expectations consciously and subconsciously about how you intentionally go about achieving success!