How are you setting your goals? Are they measurable? Did you write them down?
Just like I do personally and have my entire staff do as well, I encourage you to create and write down specific, measurable goals for yourself with specific, realistic deadlines. These can and should include both personal and professional goals.

And remember, there is no such thing as an unrealistic goal, just an unrealistic deadline.

My goal for the last several years has been to double my business from the year before. Why? Because it requires me to make huge changes. And I love change. It also requires everyone in my organization to change. And that’s exactly what your goals should do for you – they should force you to MAKE CHANGE.

My advice to you… don’t resist change! Don’t be the person left behind because you feel safe. Write down your goals and set out to create change in both your personal life and your practice. Encourage your team to make changes as well.

What if your goal was to double your New Patients? To complete a marathon? Or, to make more money?

You might be thinking, why set big goals and risk failure? Well, it’s always better to set bigger goals, fall a little short and still get good results than to aim low and achieve minimal results.


So sit down, take a minute, think about what you want, and start setting goals. Set them high and work hard to achieve them! If it is a business goal, make sure you are tracking the progress daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Make sure everyone involved in the goal is focused on the goal. The more you think about the goal, the more likely it is to come true. And the more you track it the better your results will be.