As quickly as it came, Quarter 1 of 2014 has already come to an end. If you haven’t already, now is a great time to look to the future and map out some goals for what you’d like to accomplish in Q2. By now, you’ve probably realized that Jay is a HUGE proponent of goals. Goals should be realistic, measurable, achievable, result-oriented and must be tracked. Goals can be long-term or short-term, but it’s necessary to set them regularly. Rocks are a type of goal, but they’re crafted to establish what you’d like to get done specifically in one quarter.

These “rocks” are big, long-term goals that are here to stay. Much like a big rock you might find in your backyard, this is a goal that isn’t going anywhere. It’s easy to set some yearly goals that might fall between the cracks and never get accomplished, but rocks are not these goals. These are big projects that should always be completed. The items that will make this quarter a WIN, no matter what else may have not happened.

To hold yourself accountable for these rocks, and so you can hold your team accountable, print them out and post them outside of your office! This is a Quarterly tradition of everyone at the Scheduling Institute, and it’s a great way to ensure our team is holding us accountable so we are always working to be better than our best.


Now that you have an understanding of what a rock is, it’s time to set some. A lot of times, rocks are determined by department, but then broken down into different responsibilities for multiple people. For example, let’s say your office has a Q2 goal to increase referrals by 35%. Try breaking this goal down into tangible parts that can be assigned to others within the department…

So someone’s rock could be to organize a Customer Appreciation Event where the patient who refers the most New Patients wins an iPad, resulting in 40 referrals. Another person’s rock could  be to create a postcard that generates 35 referrals, or perhaps a referral contest on Facebook to generate another 40 referrals!  These are just some examples, but breaking down big visions into personal rocks and projects is a great place to start!

Go set your rocks! And share them with us here in comments so you are publicly committing to get them done. Doing so will help make Q2 the best quarter ever for your practice!