Vision for your Patients

The first thing you must sell your staff on is the idea that your practice will provide the best level of care and service of any office in your area. If a patient walks out of your practice and someone asks them about the level of service you provide, your patient should say it is unbelievable! As we all know, if you provide exceptional patient service, you will get an abundance of referrals, which will drive your practice down the path of growth on the way to the vision.

Vision for your Physical Office

I don’t believe in competition, but I do believe in accurately gauging what your colleagues are doing. To create a great office, visit other offices. Take a look at the other practices in your area and make yours look and feel better.

Vision for your Staff

When you envision going to a great office you’ll realize you must have a great team. Number one, they must smile! Number two, you are in the healthcare business so you should hire people who look healthy. This does not mean that you should discriminate in your hiring. Health includes more than looks; it also includes attitude and personality. A great team is healthy. There’s a mental difference and a physical difference.

Vision for your Profitability

Unfortunately too many people blame their troubles on the economy or some other outside force. Never say, “Times are tough, the business is just this way.” It is that way because you did not have a vision mapping out that it was going to be any other way. Realize that what you currently have is what your vision was. You get what you deserve. Now it’s just a matter of creating a new vision and following through on the action necessary to make that vision a reality regardless of what is going on in the world around you.

Vision for your Marketing

Some people have no marketing vision at all. They don’t do any marketing and then wonder why they aren’t getting new patients. Start marketing in your area and set out to be the best practice on your block. Once you accomplish that, keep working until you can say, “Wow. Now we’re the best practice in the entire zip code.” Then the next year you realize, “We’re the best practice in the city.” Stay focused, keep marketing and your reach will continue to spread.

To sum it all up, it is your responsibility as the leader to create and communicate your practice vision. These key steps are necessary for creating, maintaining, and continuously working toward your ultimate vision for your practice.

-Your Scheduling Institute Team