Think about the type of patients that you want at your Practice. The ideal patients are grateful; they recognize the value of your services; they don’t haggle over prices. These patients are creative rather than competitive, and it really shows. These patients are always happy at the end of an appointment, and are the ones who will spend the most money with you over the years.

 The same is true for our clients. We want clients who are interested in DIVING IN and getting the full Scheduling Institute experience–not just stopping after they buy one phone training! That’s why we are rolling out our brand new One-Million Dollar Referral Program that challenges YOU to become creative with the way you think about referrals.


Rather than just aiming for quantity of referrals, we are now requesting a very specific type of referral… What we like to call the High Quality Doctor.We want to inspire you to refer others who will recognize our value, and won’t expect to get something for nothing. We want YOU to refer the offices that aim to become SUPERSTARS.

We are promising you more than we’ve ever promised before, because we know that you will give this challenge everything you’ve got… And help us to reach our exciting 2015 goals!

The One-Million Dollar Referral Program is based on the goal of helping 500 new people in 2015, or 125 referrals each quarter.



Here’s what YOU will earn for helping us reach our goal:

  •  The first quarter of the money, $250K, will be put on black cards— preloaded cards that you can use as cash. You can use these cards to buy seats to an event, 5X merchandise, you name it! The more quality members you refer to us, the more credits you earn on your black card.
  •  Next we are going to use another $250K to fund your office’s mission trips, plus a bonus clarity day with one of our trainers… In the country where you’ll be serving your mission! When we reach our goal, the top FIVE referring offices will receive $12,000 each towards this life-changing trip.
  •  Once we hit the big 500 mark, we are going to reward all our high-referring offices by DOUBLING the cash credits on your black cards. That means the more help us to reach our goal, the higher your payout will be!
  • Lastly, we will celebrate reaching our goal of 500 quality referral members by donating $250,000 towards charitable causes chosen by our top referring doctors. That’s even MORE money than we all raised for The Wounded Warrior Project at the 5X Summit!



Here at the Scheduling Institute, you are our purpose. We find personal satisfaction in helping you to succeed, and seeing you impact your community in an intentional way. We hope that you will take the One-Million Dollar Referral challenge seriously, and help us to find more exceptional, high-aiming clients (like you!) to work with. Together, we can have an immeasurable impact on the world, and those around us.


Submit your referrals online at OR call 866-932-5119!

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