One of the best ways to get your patients to send their friends and family members to your practice is to hold referral contests! Jay says that you should always have a referral contest running.

This contest can be held over a 30-90 day time period depending on what you prefer. Many of our clients that do one every month are bringing in 20-40 referrals extra each month.

 Prizes can stay the same or rotate, just base the 
prize on your clientele. For kids, prizes like a bicycle or gaming system are popular. 
 TVs, iPads and 
laptops work really well for almost everyone.

We’ve outlined an easy step-by-step process to ensure that your referral contest runs smoothly:

Step 1: Go buy your prize and put it (or a photo or replica of it) in a prominent location in your office along with nice signage that explains what how to “WIN THIS TV!!!”


Step 2: Put something in each treatment room that has a picture of the prize on it that says “Ask Me How to Win This TV!”

Step 3: Mail a postcard or letter promoting the contest to your current Patient list. If you have their email address then send them an email.  Include a write-up about it in your Newsletter.  Promote the contest to your clients
often and always include a visual of the prize.

Step 4: Make sure your team is promoting the Referral Contest with EVERY Patient that walks through the door.

Step 5: Choose a Winner. Don’t forget to take pictures of the patient holding the gift with you and your staff gathered around and put the picture in your newsletter and on your website with a write-up promoting the referral program and how they can win the next prize.

Step 6: Do it all over again!

REMEMBER: These referral contests aren’t expenses, they are investments that will build up your existing patient’s engagement and dramatically boost your new patient numbers!

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— Your Scheduling Institute Team