Pop quiz. How many opportunities do you MISS in a day, a week, even a month at your Practice by NOT focusing on Same Day Treatment? Hint… It’s probably more than you’d guess.

If you want to drastically increase your office collections, you need to focus on completing MORE SAME DAY TREATMENT. It’s not just a win for the business – but for your patients also!!

You and your team have to be intentional every single day about this, or it won’t happen. So ask yourself…

  1. What am I doing every single day to make sure that everyone is excited about this?
  2. Is there a plan?
  3. Do I have set goals?

In order to maximize these opportunities, your office has to be open to MORE ways to complete Same Day Treatment, and your team must work on perfecting their communication with patients.

For example…

  • Do they know the proper verbiage to use?
  • Are they presenting it in a way that the patient understands what you’re offering, sees the benefit, and agrees that it’s convenient for them?

Increasing your office’s Same Day Treatment WILL drastically increase your collections. It’s that simple. So, make sure everyone in your office understands how important this is. Your team has to see and buy into the opportunity, or it WON’T WORK.

 If you need help with HOW to increase Same Day Treatment and HOW to motivate your team to do this, we have a Training Day centered on how to provide more Same Day Treatment. Call (866)-917-2808 to find out more about this Training Day and stop missing those daily opportunities!!

Until next time,



Jay Geier