Last month, we introduced you to the Science of Persuasion– Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence. We also let you in on a little secret…. If you can master these 6 principles and learn to use them in effective combinations, you will significantly increase the chances that your patients will say “Yes!” to treatment.

To review, the 6 principles are:

  1. reciprocity
  2. scarcity
  3. authority
  4. commitment
  5. liking
  6. social proof

Once you’ve mastered the science of persuasion, you will notice an increase in your average revenue per new patient, production, and collections! HOWEVER, it’s important to remember that these 6 principles should always be used in an ethical manner. By persuading your patients to say “Yes!” to the treatment they genuinely need, you will increase your practice’s profits–but much more importantly, you’ll also save your patients a lot of pain and money in the future! It’s a huge win-win.

So, let’s get started! Today, we’re going to focus on the principle of Scarcity.

Have you ever been shopping and found a pair of jeans that you liked—only to realize they were the last ones in stock? Suddenly, some jeans that you liked became jeans that you loved! Their value increased almost immediately… But nothing about them had changed! They were the exact same cut… Exact same fabric… Exact same wash. Only your perception of the jeans had changed!

Scarcity states that people want what they can’t have. Things that are rare. Things that are difficult to obtain. Things that will be gone soon. You’ll see this law demonstrated anywhere from exorbitant prices on diamonds to “Everything Must Go” sales!

You need to understand that scarcity motivates people to action. We are motivated more by the idea of LOSING something than the idea of GAINING something… So, is the language you use in your case presentation leveraging this fact? Instead of saying, “This is the healthy thing to do, etc,” you should sell the avoidance of loss… “Do X now in order to avoid X problems in a few months. You won’t want to deal with that when you’re on vacation!”

Then, seal the deal. “I can get this done for you right now… But my schedule is jam-packed after this.” You just said the magic words… Do it now, or who knows how long you’ll have to wait! Because your patient suddenly perceives this treatment as scarce, it has become much more desirable in their eyes. You’ve just significantly increased the chances that they’ll say “Yes!”

You can also use the principle of scarcity in your marketing. Set a deadline or registration limit for certain specials… But make sure you don’t lie about it! Scarcity must be genuine. If you say that you’re offering a deal on cleanings until July 5th–don’t continue to offer the same deal on the 6th! It comes off as phony, and your marketing will lose its credibility.

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-The Scheduling Institute Marketing Team