Through the use of Kolbe Assessments, many of us know our process or “modis operandi” when it comes to decision-making. Some of you are “Quick Starts” while many of you are “Fact Finders.” Whatever your process, it can never become an excuse for not making decisions.

A surprising number of business owners “deal with” the onslaught of daily decisions by continuing to think about them… and think about them… and then think about them some more. And every day they add more and more things that they just keep thinking about. A person who doesn’t decide on things, and just keeps adding to the list of things to think about soon becomes overwhelmed, and productivity dramatically drops. That’s just what happens.

The same thing happens when you constantly delegate to just one person in your office. Eventually he or she becomes overwhelmed, and productivity plummets, no matter how good they are.

Think about this — what’s in your head right now? If your brain is continually full of things you continue to NOT do, you never get to see results of the few things you DO decide on. And the more you have to keep thinking about, the less creative you can be with your decisions when you finally get around to making them!

People want to be around people who are decisive. They make decisions, they make plans, they take action, they produce results. When a patient comes to you, they want you to assess their problem, create a plan, tell them what needs to be done, and then fix it. They don’t want to have to think about their options, or be told you want to “watch it for a while.” If you aren’t decisive in your own life and in how you run the business, you’re probably not a very decisive doctor either. You probably don’t tell patients what they actually want to hear from you.

At the end of your typical day, how many unmade decisions do you have on your mind? How many things are still floating around in your brain — things you need more information on? You can’t do that to yourself! Yes, there are things that take a little more time to decide about, but at least make the decision to set a deadline for when you’ll make the actual decision.

And once you do make a decision, stand behind it, and don’t change your mind!