As March Madness wrapped up last week, it got us thinking. What separates the teams who make it to the Championship from those who fall out at the beginning? What about the players who start versus those who never make it off the bench?

What’s the Secret Sauce?

Walter Bond, former professional basketball player and world-renowned motivational speaker, says there’s a difference between winners and those who just show up.

“In 1989, my team made it to the Sweet Sixteen while I played at the University of Minnesota. We faced Duke that year. Their team was stacked with players such as Danny Ferry, Christian Laettner and Phil Henderson. We got CRUSHED!

 The excitement of the big game quickly turned into agony as millions watch the lopsided defeat. We were so deflated by how badly we lost. As each of us agonized over our defeat, each player committed themselves in the off-season to improve. And you know what? The next year we made it even further. We got to the Elite 8.

 You see, getting to the Elite 8 that next year required more. More focus, more commitment and more hard work. We had to put the time in, if we wanted to get more.  And don’t we all want more?

 I know watching the tournament is fun, but playing is an experience I will never forget. So I believe from experience that participating is much better than spectating. Peak Performers ALWAYS desire to improve.”

Now, take a minute and ask yourself these questions (be honest):

• How are you participating in your game of life?

• Are you exactly where you want to be or thought you would be at this very


• What do you need to improve so you can get more out of your professional

  and personal pursuits?

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” – Earl Nightingale

Just because you didn’t reach 100% of the result within the specified time frame, it doesn’t mean you failed. What if you make it 80% of the way… Isn’t that a success? What if you complete a goal you set in 2016 by early 2017… Isn’t that a success? Sometimes the act of PURSUING a goal is much more of a success than actually obtaining the result!

 So, off the bench and into the game. Start big or start small— just start. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from playing the game! To help refocus your week, write down your strongest asset and how it can be leveraged to catapult you to the next level. Then write down an area that you can improve, create a plan to master it, and give yourself a deadline!

Talk to you soon!

-Your Scheduling Institute Marketing Team