Consider this Copywriting 101!

At the Scheduling Institute, we pride ourselves on having kick-@$$ marketing, (and when you schedule an On-Site Marketing training with one of our Certified Marketing Specialists, you’ll see what I mean.) But for now, we’ll give you the quick and dirty rundown on how to get the most BANG for your marketing dollar.


The main purpose of copywriting is to sell.

Period. End of story.

That means when you are writing copy, you need to use language that is colorful and PERSUASIVE, and that connects to the reader’s intellect and emotions…  Sounds like a big task, right?


Actually, the hardest part about copywriting is actually just putting the pen to paper… (it was a METAPHOR, people— “it’s the 21st century Jay, everyone types now!”) The thing is, we’ve ALL read good sales copy before, and we know what it looks like. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to imitate!


The first part of the process is to plan out your project.

You need to fully understand the product or service that you are selling, research background material, and then understand your audience of readers. Granted, most copy won’t hit the bulls-eye with every single reader, but depending on the product or service you are selling, there will be certain demographics you can (and SHOULD) hone in on. We’ll be happy to help you figure out what these are at your On-Site Marketing training!


Once you feel comfortable with your plan of action, it is time to start writing.

An outline is always a good place to start. Figure out if the project requires long copy or short. Remind yourself of appropriate tone– ALWAYS avoid sounding stiff and formal, like a corporate robot. NO ONE WANTS TO READ THAT JUNK! Next, organize your main points in a list so that your copy stays focused.


It might take a while for you to actually start writing. There is nothing more intimidating than a blank page, and no way to conquer it other than putting words down… ANY words. Just remember: you can erase them later, so it doesn’t matter if they are award-winning, or even spelled correctly. Just get the ideas flowing, get your fingers moving, and worry about perfection later. (At your On-Site Marketing Training, our Certified Marketing Specialist can look over your campaign —including opportunities in the community AND within your Practice— to help you figure out how to MAXIMIZE your marketing potential.)


Once you’ve really gotten into the groove of writing, take a minute to review this well-known motivating sequence.

It’s simple, straightforward, and designed to help you stay on track. It should help you to start fine-tuning the flood of thoughts you’ve been scribbling down.


  • Get attention
  • -Identify the problem or need
  • -Position your product as the solution or answer
  • -Prove your product is the best solution or answer
  • -Invite the reader to take action


You should be mega-highlighting the BENEFITS of your product or service, not its FEATURES.

It is worth repeating: benefits NOT features. Benefits sell, features don’t.

If necessary, write out a side-by-side list of features and their benefits to remind you. As you write, ask yourself “Is this answering the viewer’s question ‘so what?’ Is it giving my viewer a reason to care?”


It is, for example, much better to sell a “glistening white smile that allows you to be confident at social gatherings” than an “advanced instant teeth whitening system.” The difference is purely psychological.


Lastly, differentiate your product or service from the others like it.

It’s not that difficult, people! Look at what everyone around you is doing.

Ok. Good.



Whether it is your eye-catching headline, your guarantee, your track record of success, or longer lasting results… you have got to find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Having an outsider’s eye to hone in on what makes your Practice truly UNIQUE is essential, which is why we HIGHLY recommend scheduling an On-Site Marketing Training ASAP!

If you want to move your marketing from snooze to sizzle, call 866-917-2808 and schedule an On-Site Marketing Training today! 


Until next time,