This month we are featuring several pieces of advice straight from Jay on how to improve yourself and your life. Stay tuned each week so you don’t miss these great tips!

You don’t just invest MONEY. Perhaps more importantly, you invest your TIME… and you invest your ENERGY. Every investment should have an expected return. Even if a person’s not good at figuring it out, they know a financial investment should provide some kind of return. But most people don’t think about their time and energy that way. They don’t spend their time and energy in ways that produce an expected return.


Personally, time is most valuable to me. Are you intentional about where you spend your time? Or, do you let everyone else take up your time? When you go into the office, do you do what YOU intended to do, or are you sidetracked by what OTHERS want you to do, or talk to you about, or ask for? Are you fully depleted of energy at the end of the day, and yet feel you have so much left to do?

Especially protect your time when it comes to activities needed to grow your Practice. Do those things before you go to the office in the morning. THEN go to the office to do your “other” work.

I also do a lot to protect my energy. I work out, eat right, feed my brain with healthy nutrition, and break bad habits; I go into each day with energy. When you go into the office with low energy, you’re in for an awful and unproductive day. Do it often enough and you’re in for a bad bottom line. If you have chronically low energy, work with a doctor to fix it. The older we get, the harder it is to sustain our physical and mental energy; we have to be more intentional about replenishing and tapping our energy bank.

When you don’t have money, you typically have a lot of time and energy to invest… so you can work toward making money! Once you do, you lose some of that time and energy, but now you have money to invest wisely — by evaluating expected return! For instance, you can now afford to pay people to do things for you so you can spend your own time on higher payback activities.

Think back over the last year: calculate all the investments you made relative to time, energy and money, and then evaluate the returns you got. Then be sure to stick with those things that worked! You’d be surprised how many people buy our program, have their new patient rate go up 25% or more, then decide 3 months later they’ve “mastered” their phones and so move on to something else. Recognize the power of sticking with investments that DO provide good returns, and only change those that don’t.

To achieve guaranteed returns, ask yourself each and every day, “Am I investing in myself? My staff? My Practice? My patients?” Regularly invest time and energy in meetings with your staff to discuss improving the quality of the patient experience. Constantly work toward mastery of how you invest your time, energy and money… which you do by ALWAYS assessing the expected return!