Every single week, my team and I send you tons of information on different investments that you can make to improve your life. “Invest in your team; invest in your building; invest in your marketing…” You might appreciate the information; it might drive you crazy–either way, our marketing has a very deliberate point…

Literally all of the pieces we send you are opportunities to INVEST in your Practice and see a greater ROI. But did you realize that–at the center of it all– we are really driving you to invest more in yourself?

All my life, I’ve been investing in my future. At an early age, I realized that you don’t become rich and successful just sitting around and waiting for it, so I created a plan to become rich and successful. Do you think I’m over-simplifying it? Well, most people think becoming rich is very complicated, but it’s not.

It’s simply a DECISION, backed by a PLAN, made up of LONG-TERM GOALS, supplemented by SHORT-TERM GOALS. It actually IS simple; the problem is, you’re not willing to invest enough in your dreams… And consequently, you settle for a less-than-optimal reality!

When I was 18, I began working towards my plan. I created a board game that taught kids important decision-making skills, and I marketed it to big chain stores. They picked up the game, and soon, it had earned me over $1,000,000. One MILLION dollars. That was the first stepping-stone on the path to financial freedom.

But I didn’t stop there. I used the momentum from this big win to create other big wins in my life. I came up with the idea for the Scheduling Institute, built a small team, rented a building—and in 1997, the company was officially born. It was very different from the Scheduling Institute you know today…

My printing was done out of house… Headquarters were so small that we were constantly bumping elbows… There were LOTS of flaws in our system. I had many days where I wanted to quit, throw in the towel, and go do something easy with my life. But I didn’t. I knew that we had to start SOMEWHERE and work our way up.


So, instead of getting frustrated by all of the failures we experienced (and there were many), I decided to invest even MORE in my dream.

I flew to a different city every few weeks; spoke to large crowds of doctors about these Practice growth strategies. Because I believed in what I was saying, and I knew how important it was, more and more people began to show up at these lectures. My team was able to schedule more and more trainings. And soon enough, we gained a following—doctors who had seen BIG results, and knew that we had something special to offer.


We finally had the funds to buy a building to really grow into—the Scheduling Institute Headquarters in Atlanta. We now totally fill the 20,000 square foot building… (And we are still growing!) In 2010, we acquired the Training Center space in Atlanta, and now—2015—we are so excited to be opening our West Coast Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona. I have invested so much time, money and energy into what was once just an IDEA—something I held in my brain.

In order to make this thought into a reality, my team and I had to take some enormous risks, experience failure, and keep on pushing towards the vision. But I can’t emphasize enough how WORTHWHILE it is. We continue to succeed. My dream continues to grow and evolve; my plan and goals right along with it!


We will always tell you to invest MORE in your team, MORE in New Patients, MORE in your facilities, etc. In my opinion, as long as you are making wise investments, they are always worth the risk. But I’d like you to take a minute and try to see it from a different perspective.

What if all that marketing we’re sending you… All the trainings, events, memberships, and so on… What if it’s all about YOU? What if the big picture is really investing more in your dream and in YOURSELF?

Take some time to think about it, and figure out how to leverage your investments to give your dreams flight-power. We are here to help you. Call 866-917-2808 to talk to my team of experts, who will be happy to answer any questions that are holding you back.


Until next time,


Jay Geier