Here at the Scheduling Institute, we feel that we have a golden opportunity to create a significant impact that goes well beyond just our clients. Our purpose is to have a positive impact on you, your Practice, your staff, your patients, and on your family life and relationships.

We’re here to teach you how to exceed the expectations of your patients— how to OVER-DELIVER on services and products to your patients. It is our job to facilitate all of that, and while we don’t always get to see it, we know that a lot of our fruit actually grows on your trees.

How do you know if your business isn’t over-delivering? Well, it is actually pretty clear cut. You’re under-delivering if you aren’t able to afford:

  • to buy real estate
  • to accelerate payments
  • to aggressively pay off debt
  • to create cash investments for college or emergency funds
  • to save for retirement

Surprised? Well, the good news is, it’s almost a guarantee that YOU are the biggest cause behind your financial woes.

Stay with us for a second… It’s good news, we promise.

A fundamental truth about money is that if a person can’t manage money well at a lower income level, they won’t manage it any better at a higher income level. For example, a doctor who is making $500,000 and is $300,000 in debt will not do any better if we write him a check for $1,000,000! Why? Because he doesn’t know how to manage his money! He will only take on debt at a HIGHER level. Do you see the dilemma?

Basically, making more money won’t get you out of financial trouble. You actually need to change your way of thinking, and fortunately, that is totally within YOUR control. It all goes back to understanding these time-tested principles, processes, and money-making rules…

And the first, most essential rule we can give you for creating wealth is to always, always, always over-deliver on value to your patient.

Don’t let your finances become the main FOCUS of your entire Practice.. Focus on the right thing—giving each patient the best possible experience—and we promise that the money will take care of itself.

To learn more key financial strategies that will give you the financial freedom you’ve always wanted for you and your family, keep an eye out for our content mailer, “The Money-Making Rules That No One Ever Taught You,” coming out sometime this week! Or give our team a call at 866-917-2808 and ask them for creative ideas on how to over-deliver!