Even though we’re focusing on Human Capital this month, we thought it important to lay this as a foundation — not just for Human Capital, but for every aspect of your company. And that’s the concept of defining the TRUE PURPOSE of your business.

Think about that. Think in your heart about why you’re in business. Yes, you’re a chiropractor or a dentist or an orthodontist or a cosmetic surgeon… but that’s not a purpose — that’s a description of the services you provide. A purpose is much more meaningful in life and to the people and world around you.

As an example, at the Scheduling Institute we endeavor to have the very best staff delivering the very best programs that create the very best VALUE for our clients –- in order to facilitate improvements to their lives, and the lives of their employees and their families. In doing so, we produce monies which are, in turn, put to good use… which is to be generous on as large a scale as possible — to give back in so many ways to so many people. That’s why we do what we do — that’s our TRUE PURPOSE.

So think about your purpose. It must be something you’re extremely excited about. It must be something you have unwavering faith in yourself to go after. AND, it must be something you can articulate to your staff and others outside your office.

Let us help you figure it out — help draw it out of you — because if you can’t define it and articulate your purpose to others, you won’t be able to convince your human capital how important it is… and why they should help you achieve it.

That’s what’s called running a business “on purpose”!