It’s nearing the end of Q2, and you should be getting close to finishing up all of your goals (or Rocks, as we like to call them here at the Scheduling Institute!) Over the next few days, make a conscious decision to maximize every minute of the day and really push the limits of your productivity… How much can you accomplish? Make sure you are STREEEETCHING for your goals –not just aiming for something easy and comfortable!

On the way home from work tomorrow, at the official end of Q2, we’d like to challenge you to reflect on these questions:

-What did you do DIFFERENTLY this quarter, and what kinds of results did it produce?

-Did you see an increase in new patients, production, collections, or referrals?

-Are your employees happier and more motivated?

-What about your home life?

It’s easy for us to moan and groan when something is not going our way, but it is incredibly important to stop and think about all the things that are growing right. We need to concentrate on the PROGRESS we’ve made, and the positive changes we’ve implemented in our lives instead of the things that aren’t “perfect”. I’m sure you’ve heard Jay’s saying, “OMGWCP” (OMG, White Collar Problems–) well, that is exactly what we’re talking about! Many of the problems that are getting you bent out of shape… Aren’t really problems! Do you have people who love you? Do you have people to take care of? Do you have a team? An office? A way to make money?

From the thousands of doctors and offices that we’ve seen, our guess is that you have most or all of those things, and lots to be thankful for! So instead of hyperfocusing on your problems, try to refocus your perspective. Take tomorrow afternoon to reflect on what went well this quarter. Then, ask yourself: what things do you need to change next quarter, Q3, to see even more positive results in your life? And what things do you need to keep doing the same way and amp up?


We’d love to hear your answers! Please share them with us in the comment section below, and don’t forget to end Q2 STRONG!! Make today and tomorrow a sprint to the finish line! 🙂


-Your Scheduling Institute Training Team


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