It is easy to lose 2 or 3 months to turkeys, trees, and the man in the red suit! So you MUST focus on what’s important… We are talking 2014 strategies, investing in your Practice, and setting yourself up for success! Sometimes it can get overwhelming when you think of what lies ahead in 2014.

But you can take back control right now by laying out your goals and investing in them today so they can actually happen in 2014. Just remember to stay focused on what is important — MAKING 2014 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. You only have a matter of days to really get your wheels spinning so 2014 can start off with a BANG!

It’s easy to get distracted with holiday music and cranberry sauce, but you will set yourself up for failure if you don’t invest in your Practice before the end of the year. Remember the investments you make today are tax deductible and will grow your Practice in 2014! So if you’re waiting for a sign or a special tingly feeling in your toes before you really commit to growing your Practice…


Your to-do list for today should include taking some time to outline your goals for 2014. To make those goals happen, you must keep working until the holiday. Notice that we said holiday… not holiweeks or holimonth. Don’t let yourself or your team get lost in the spirit of the season; it will take your Practice months to recover from that kind of damage.

Enjoy the holidays, but don’t let it become a long term distraction. So take down the lights around your office, remove the wreath from your door, and do everything you can to ignore those holiday temptations until you close up shop. If you write off this month as a “slow time of the year,” and succumb to that sub-standard expectation for yourself and your team, we guarantee you will meet those expectations.

Focus, keep your team motivated, and invest in your future, and do it today! As always, if you have any questions our Scheduling Institute Team is here to assist you! Just give us a call — 866-956-2520.