Consider this….

When you need to go somewhere, you just climb into your car, turn it on, and start driving. You don’t think about all of its interconnected pieces— the engine, fuel injector, transmission, clutch, or brakes… In fact, it isn’t until you car has a PROBLEM that you think about all of its working parts.

When a New Patient comes into your Practice, they don’t think about the many different systems and processes that work together to create their experience. All they think about is getting in and out as quickly as possible with the best possible care. They want to get on with their day— and they will only notice your office’s backstage processes if something is WRONG

Our Streamlining and Efficiency On-Site Training will make sure nothing goes wrong.

We’ll see to it that your Practice’s “engine” (a.k.a you and your entire team) is running smoothly, transitioning the New Patient from sign-in, to hygienist, to you, to check-out with no “stall-outs.” During this interactive training day, our experienced trainers will find the “three-minute mistake” YOUR team is making and eliminate it on the spot; PLUS we’ll zero in on ways to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your processes.

 For example, dentists usually underestimate the amount of time needed for a procedure. When you think of a procedure, you think of your time spent with the patient, right?

Sometimes you might forget the time taken for setup and breakdown, as well as the OSHA compliance steps, lab work and sterilization. If you tell your Front Desk to schedule only one hour appointments for a crown and it REALLY takes an extra ten minutes, your next patient will be left waiting… and wondering why.

It might not feel like a lot at the time, but these minutes add up throughout the day to equal lost patients, production, and revenue. ONE of the many things our trainers will help you assess during your Streamlining and Efficiency Training is your true chair time per patient, as well as examining all moving parts of your office. Rather than just looking at one part of the Practice in isolation, we’ll give you a full perspective of all the interconnected pieces.


One of our trainers took only TEN minutes to identify a Practice’s $39,000 mistake…

How? Simple! She observed that the Treatment Coordinator was WASTING three minutes every hour— during every appointment, he had to get a form from the other side of the office and walk back. Our trainer fixed this process, which saved the Treatment Coordinator three minutes every hour. The value of those three minutes was $18.75, which means the Practice was losing a WHOPPING $39,000 per year…

That’s an INCREDIBLE amount of money you could save JUST by analyzing your backstage processes!

 With so many detailed components to consider, it is essential that the “pass off” from front desk, to hygienist, to YOU be as smooth and quick as possible. Even your most loyal patients have a lot of places they’d rather be. And, as far as YOUR time is considered, you can see that even a few wasted minutes per appointment will add up to thousands of dollars LOST in production each year.


If you’ve ever thought, ‘I don’t have enough time,’ you NEED this training! Give us a call at 866-917-2808 to book your On-Site Streamlining and Efficiency Training, the training day that our members have been calling “a game changer.”