Many of you may wondering, is it really important to enter my stats on Does it change anything? Does anyone hold me accountable for turning them in?

The short answer to this question is YES! Our U Team Program Advisors have been reaching out to your offices’ U Liaisons, and these statistics are a great tool for both sides to use. You see, your doctor invested in youHe or she invested capital into this particular program because 1) he wants to grow the practice, and 2) because he knows YOU are the ones who are going to help him make it happen!

There’s a lot of moving parts to ensure a practice is growing at a healthy rate. The back office, front office, and Doctor must all be working in unison to ensure efficiency is maintained and all responsibilities are handled. Amidst all the responsibilities, tasks, and procedures your routine might call for, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important — results.

“Anything that’s tracked will grow!” — Jay

Your doctor has result-oriented goals that involve growing the practice. In order to achieve these goals, he or she needs to have access to as much statistical data as possible. He or she is already submitting a set of statistics that caters towards the doctor’s responsibilities.

With this, it’s easy to see which departments are growing, which areas need work, and which areas are becoming stagnant. If he notices that an area, say the Hygiene Department, is growing at an alarming rate, there’s a good chance he’ll want to review each Hygienists’ set of statistics. Maybe he notices that Sally is steadily becoming the highest producing Hygienist, and is worthy of a raise to keep her engaged and motivated.

Jay always says that you can’t lose weight without stepping on a scale. The same principle applies for growing a practice, but it’s essential that YOU help make it possible. Here at the Scheduling Institute, we all track our own accomplishments, and our Team Leaders use this data to help us achieve our own personal goals. We know it’s an effective management strategy, and we really appreciate the level of engagement we see from the vast majority of you. But for those of you who have room for improvement, make this a goal for 2nd Quarter! Focus on it, ask someone else to hold you accountable, and work on it until it just becomes second nature!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (877) 361-0106! We’re always here to help and we know (firsthand) all about statistics and tracking! And of course, don’t forget to login at and enter your monthly stats!