When you invest in Marketing your practice, you’re attracting more New Patients. Those New Patients are the life force that will give you the bump in production and collection your practice needs. The infusion of those New Patients will allow your practice to be successful for a long time – even when other practices tend to plateau.

Through Marketing, you’ll see the growth of your practice quicken and be able to out-pace your competitors with ease. But in order to prevent plateauing, boost your practice growth, and out-pace your competitors, you have to start investing in your Marketing!

How much time are you currently spending on creating and executing Marketing for your practice? Most dentists spend the majority of their time delivering service (treating patients). Yet the delivery of services is not a marketing function. You must spend more of your time on marketing and innovation so you can achieve that big increase in revenue and profit.

Let’s be honest, as a practitioner you were likely drawn to this field either because of its service nature, or because you were intrigued with the science of it. But eventually, many of you realized how much you enjoy talking about what you do, and all the services you provide through your practice. You love offering those services to as many people as possible (in other words, generating New Patients).  And guess what? That’s Marketing!

For others of you, it’s literally the physical act of delivering the service that most excites and stimulates you. Here is where your strength lies. You seem to have “magic hands” or an intuitive sense when working with patients and love working with them on their treatments and coaching them. You know you’re making an impact on the patient’s life by actually “doing” the clinical work, as expertly as you do.

And that’s great! But you still have to have a genius in charge of your marketing. This person should be high up in your organization, and must be great at new business generation – at reaching out and bringing in New Patients. You have to find someone as passionate as you are about building your business. In the case of a practice, sales equate to Marketing your services. To be really successful, you have to be more passionate about Marketing your services than you are about delivering them – or you MUST have someone in your organization who is!