Calling all phone ninjas!!! This article is a quick refresher for YOU, our front desk team members!

No matter what kind of day you are having… Whether your kid has to be picked up early or you had a fight with your spouse… You need to check all of those distractions at the door. When the phone rings and you pick it up, you have to be in a state of TOTAL readiness. You need to be on your A-game.


Why? Well, you need to be distraction free so that you can:

1) Answer the phone with a friendly tone

2) Use the correct greeting, and

3) Identify the type of caller that’s on the other end!

The first two are pretty basic… But this third piece is very important. Using context clues to identify the type of caller will help you to take control of the call and produce the correct type of outcome! And when we say outcome, we mean that you will be able to produce the best possible RESULTS.


So, let’s review…

All calls are NOT created equal… And they shouldn’t be treated completely equally!! Some types of calls and callers should receive absolute TOP priority.


Here is a list of the seven types of calls that will come into your office– in order of importance:

1) New Patients

2) Existing Patients

3) People who want to give you money

4) Other Doctors

5) Administrative

6) Sales Calls

7) Family and Friends


Your “result” and your primary focus is NEW PATIENTS. That’s why it’s important to be able to identify each call as quickly as possible! When you identify a caller as a “New Patient” based on important context clues, you can take control of the call, and use the 5 Star System to get this new patient on the schedule! Of course it’s important to handle your Existing Patient calls with courtesy and efficiency, but these calls typically don’t require the same level of URGENCY and skill as a new patient call!


Remember, phone ninja– your doctor is counting on YOU to get those new patients on the schedule! Good luck!!


-Your Scheduling Institute Trainers