Last month’s Hygiene Queen featured Daisy Young from Dr. Nazario-Young Trujillo’s office. Here’s her story:

We had our first Hygiene On-Sight Training about two months ago… it was absolutely amazing! Our trainer went through step by step and helped us with our verbal skills to use the second the patient walks through the door. We were having about 25-50% acceptance rate in our fluoride varnish treatment. The day after we did the Training, we had 90% fluoride varnish acceptance, and it has stayed consistent since that training. It was all due to the verbal skills that the Trainer helped us with. The Hygiene On-Site Training was absolutely amazing for our office, not just for our Hygiene team, but for everyone! We no have out Front Desk staff trained in the verbal skills also. When we walk the patient up front, if they have not scheduled treatment, I inform them that the patient has decided to forego the fluoride varnish treatment, but we will revisit that at our next appointment. Then I pass them off to Daniella, who is our Treatment Coordinator and she talks with the patients as well, and she reviews everything with them again. Our acceptance rate at our recall has been amazing as well. Our numbers have gone up a lot, looking at a year ago today, my production numbers when I started was $10,000 per month and last month I did $24,000 in production!


Congratulations to Daisy for winning a $50 gift card and for being our Hygiene Queen of the month! To submit your wins for a chance to be featured, send an email to! Allow us to train your Hygienist team to focus on production! Become the Queen of Hygiene. You can have the same results as Daisy in your office!