Whether or not you like football, you probably know the answer to this question…

What does a team do before every play?

They huddle up, right?

Why do you think they do that? Well, it’s not to talk about the weather… Or make plans for the weekend… Or exchange the perfect recipe for apple pie!

It’s to get on the same level. To reset. To PLAN.


The morning huddle works exactly the same way in your Practice. Think about all the distractions your team walks into the office with in the morning. They are literally loaded down with them! Sally has twins– one of them has a fever. Your associate Brandon is planning a wedding. Some of your team members have kids that need to go places… They have sick pets… Dinner plans… Broken cars… Vacations coming up… If you think about it all at once– it’s total chaos!


Doesn’t it make sense to gather for 10-15 minutes every morning to:

  • Get everyone back in their bubble
  • Get everyone on the same level
  • Make a plan for the day


There’s no Right or Wrong way to do this… But if you aren’t already doing a morning huddle, you need to get started (and make improvements along the way!)

The two most important things when holding a morning huddle is to make sure it is highly intentional and focused.


Here are some easy-to-implement tips for an effective morning huddle.

  1. Set a time when most of your team members are available prior to your first scheduled appointment.
  2. Let your team lead the huddle.
  3. Everyone should be standing. (This isn’t a coffee break!)
  4. Be strategic.
  5. Stay positive!
  6. Look at the schedule for the day and create an action plan.
  7. Focus on goals (and results!)
  8. Keep it brief. Your huddles should run 10-15 minutes MAX
  9. THE NUMBER ONE THING YOU SHOULD TALK ABOUT: New Patients!!!!! Everyone should be engaged in the new patient numbers. Share these numbers with your team at the huddle every day! They should know where you are month-to-date AND how many new patients you need each day to stay on track. You can even hold contests to make sure they are staying on top of these numbers!


Remember…. Huddles are NOT complaining sessions. Huddles should be about:

  • Goals
  • New Patient Numbers
  • What Went WELL Yesterday (a.k.a. “wins”)
  • What You Should Change Today to Make it BETTER

(You could even pick a book of quotes you like and read one to your team every morning! The possibilities are endless!) But make sure you are keeping the morning huddle structured– never let it derail!


Good luck! We’d love to hear some of YOUR ideas on the “perfect” morning huddle, and what you do to get your team refocused for the day ahead!

-Scheduling Institute Member Services Team