Exactly a year after one Practice’s Accept, Buy & Comply training, we sent out a survey to document the hygienists’ reactions to what had CHANGED in their Practice since the training. What one hygienist wrote back surprised the whole team here at the Scheduling Institute, and we decided to share her response with you.


“As a hygienist, and someone who has worked at dental practices for the past twenty-five years, I can say one thing with complete certainty:

Some of you are thinking about case presentation all wrong.

 Why do so many hygienists feel GUILTY about selling procedures to patients? Seriously… Are you selling your patients procedures that they don’t need? Are you lying about what the procedure is? Are you telling them to buy something you wouldn’t recommend for your own mother?

 Because if NOT, there shouldn’t be any GUILT.


The biggest problem that I see with other hygienists is that they aren’t stepping up to the plate to be their patients’ Oral Healthcare Advocate… Not just a hygienist. I’m not pointing fingers— I’ve been in your shoes.

I used to tell a patient what they needed, and when they showed the slightest pushback, I’d give up. I wouldn’t know how to handle their financial excuses, their irritation, their impatience. But that was MY fault. And because I didn’t know how to communicate how BIG of an impact this decision would have on their life, they didn’t get the care that they deserved.

 But if we don’t step up, WE are sustaining a problem that has existed in this industry for way too long.


I remember the Monday morning that ——- came to my office for our Accept, Buy & Comply On-Site Training. Us girls were standing in the break room, drinking coffee, and (confession) jabbering about how much we were dreading the whole thing.

I was incredibly skeptical when our trainer started talking. INCREDIBLY skeptical. But as she spoke, I felt the truth of her words hitting me in the stomach. Literally an hour into the presentation was when it really hit me. This would change the way I looked at my career forever. I couldn’t keep doing things the same way.


I became ANGRY with myself for all of the years I wasted being just another oral janitor… Just another person going through the motions.

 That day, I rebranded myself as an Oral Healthcare Advocate. My life’s purpose is to give my patients healthier smiles and healthier lives, and get as many people to join me as possible. I’m telling you, it might sound crazy, but I’m ready to lead a revolution. This is NOT just a 9-5 job, for crying out loud. This is NOT just a paycheck. This is our chance to serve… and to save Lives.


During my office’s hygiene training, I realized that, as Oral Healthcare Advocates, we’re literally the ONLY people in our patients’ lives that are AWARE of their oral health… So we can’t be afraid to tell them what they should do. We can’t be afraid to advise them on what they need.

They’re TRUSTING us 100% to tell them these things.

 If you know that a procedure will benefit your patient, but you don’t give 100% effort to educating and selling them on it, you are doing an enormous disservice to this person. That’s just the honest truth. In my opinion, you aren’t fulfilling your duties as a healthcare provider.

It isn’t that you have bad intentions— none of us do! Since becoming a hygienist, I’ve realized that the people in this industry are some of the warmest, most caring individuals I’d ever met.


But this epidemic of apathy has GOT to stop.

Some hygienists are doing the BARE MINIMUM of service rather than consistently over-delivering to their patients... being reactive instead of proactive to treatment. I know we can do better than that.

At the Accept, Buy & Comply training, the trainer helped our team to refocus on what each patient NEEDS, and on making it our mission to give them the solution. She empowered me to give my patients a healthier life, and to take responsibility for that patient like I would a member of my family.”


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

We’d like to thank this individual for sharing their opinion with all of us here at the Scheduling Institute, and with teams around the world. To help your team become the healthcare advocates your community deserves, call us today at 866-956-2520 and schedule your Accept, Buy & Comply Training.