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Everything I’ve ever studied about the greatest people in the world or the highest performers — in business and in life — confirms that they all have a scale against which they measure themselves. They do NOT measure themselves against other people. Comparing yourself to others is senseless. After all, you can always find somebody who’s doing worse than you if that’s how you want to make yourself feel better.


Instead, successful people measure themselves against their own personal capabilities. And they do it every day. They foster a belief system that has them trying to do better today than they did yesterday… and better still tomorrow. They know if they fall, they will learn as they get back up and keep going. If they fail, they will learn from that failure and apply to their next success. And they make it a daily process.

They are also never satisfied that they are operating at their highest potential; they know there is always room for improvement. That’s not to say they aren’t happy with their lives and their progress, they just respect the art of continuous learning and development throughout one’s lifetime… just as I do… and I hope you do, too!