On September 26…

the Scheduling Institute is premiering an all NEW course at the U…

“Staying Out of Jail.”


This course will handle very different material than we’ve covered in our other courses… and it will be unlike anything you’ve EVER experienced.


We will simulate a malpractice trial with lawyers and doctors, and help you to figure out exactly what you need to be doing to cover your butt… (and the butts of your doctor and your team!)

Medical malpractice is a HUGELY controversial issue right now… and one that many doctors are extremely underprepared to handle. No one INTENDS to get in trouble, but these slip-ups are much easier to make than you’d think!


This course is beneficial for the WHOLE team, and even doctors are encouraged to come! You might be thinking “We’ve done all the research and have nothing to worry about… This course can’t tell us anything we DON’T already know.” Actually, you are totally wrong!

This course will teach you valuable information that will increase your production AND collections. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to build legal security, and to give your patients an even more incredible experience.


Call 844-242-2174 to get more details on “Staying Out of Jail” and to save yourself a seat… ¬†Or, talk to your practice’s doctor about becoming a part of this unique, exclusive experience.