My “two economy system” dictates that you ignore what’s going on with “THE” economy and instead focus only on what you have control over — that’s what we call YOUR economy, or your bubble. When economic times are challenging, though, you do need to be even more engaged. You need to be fully involved in and paying attention to ALL aspects of your business — especially your People and your New Patients.

  • People. Purge the bottom 20% of your workforce, and really develop the other 80%. Replace the 20% with much higher-quality talent readily available in today’s labor pool. Great people will make you lots of money IF you do the right things with them, and maximize their skills: train them… and then advance train them. Get them engaged. Delegate massive amounts of responsibilities to them, motivate and incentivize them, and pay them what they’re worth.

It’s a lot easier to get good people to perform extremely well, than it is to get poor performers to improve to even a mediocre level. Maybe they’re good people just ill-suited to the position. Do them and yourself a favor by moving them out of the organization so you can replace them with the right players.

Here at S.I. we’ve done a lot over the years to help you really engage and develop your people well beyond just phone training. We provide development opportunities and advanced training for staff members through — like our elite staff training firm, The U. This advanced programming will propel them to the next level.

  • New Patients. If you haven’t yet figured out the new patient formula, you MUST do that as part of your Best Year Ever equation. If you’re stuck at the same level, that’s not nearly good enough. You NEED an ongoing flow of new patients to have a viable, profitable business over the long term. We offer programs that will help you solve your new patient problem once and for all. We’ll teach you the strategies and principles for creating a “new patient generating machine!”

Whether you have a new patient problem, or a goal of significantly increasing new patients, let us show you how. Along the way, we’ll talk about what it’s costing you to acquire new patients, how to effectively market for new patients, and what it means to deliver great customer service by highly engaged people.

You should always be thinking in terms of taking your best people and making them better, AND increasing new patients. So even if the People and New Patient aspects of your practice are in good shape, include new stretch goals as part of your BEST YEAR EVER plan!